We will be back soon

Due to many problems faced during the last couple of years, The Mercurius Collective has been inactive for quite some time.
As much as we regret this, there was unfortunately no other option. However: We will be back soon!

Our goal has always been to be a platform for artists and groups of artists, who produce their work from a solid esoteric fundament.
In the course of time however, The Mercurius Collective turned more and more into an ordinary music label. This had many (personal)
reasons, but it was obviously not the path we should have walked...

The future

We have decided to return to our roots and do again what we should have been doing since the beginning in 2008.
This means that we will keep publishing the work of artists and groups with the background that has been mentioned earlier
in this statement, but we will focus more on other fields and disciplins(poetry, printed materials, etc.), less on music, and we will be
much more selective.

We are also planning to re-start offering necessities for the theory and practice of Magick, but this time we plan to focus more on the
more specific (hand-crafted) products.

We will return to you shortly, with a complete new website and shop.


The Mercurius Collective.