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tmc03 | CD

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"Of Seals, Spells and Spirits"

Dark majestuous musical magick...
This is neo-classical music combined with industrial ambient soundscapes at it's best.
Initiated by poet/musician Gwydion Sagelinge and synthesist Darque. The recordings date
back to 1998 and were fully remastered in 2008 to grant it the bombastic and grotesque sound
it deserves without a single doubt.
Grimorium Verum's music on this cd can perhaps best be described as the perfect soundtrack of a
nearing end, or a musical representation of the magician's mind while preparing the tools for his
grandest work.
Complex classical compositions in the vein of Wagner, Saint-saëns, Chopin, Rachmaninov and
Stravinsky interwoven with intergalactic sonic pathways of industrial ambient.

Issued in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.
Comes in a black envelope sealed with red wax, containing an 8-page, hand bound,
full color booklet on high quality structured paper.

€12,50 (ex. shipping)

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Sound samples:


01 - The Waxing Moon of Scirlin
02 - Dimensionist
03 - Behold Thy Pact
04 -Alpha Draconis
05 - Orion Aims at Nibiru

Total playtime:


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